Project Development:

Every project has a different Scope of Work which requires a defined set of tasks to achieve its completion.  One the biggest keys to a successful project is the ability to identify all relative tasks and foresee potential issues and wrinkles at the project inception.  Our project experience covers a wide range of different project types in multiple jurisdictions.  It is this experience that allows us to better define what will be needed for a successful project.

At the beginning of each project, we outline the tasks we foresee and those potential issues and wrinkles, based on the defined Scope of Work provided, and discuss with the Client.  This aids in eliminating project setbacks and helps to provide a more efficient and successful project that is on time and on budget.

Developing Deliverables:

Contour Engineering LLC employs a consistent and stringent internal quality control program where every project is reviewed by an engineer not directly associated with the project prior to any submittals or deliverables leave the office.  This fresh set of eyes on a project is critical to ensure the accuracy of plans, reports and documents and to help in producing a problem free product.

Deliverables such as submittals, documentations, plans and reports will be provided in whatever format is required with as many copies as needed.  Electronic files and data will be provided as needed and if desired.

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